VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Introduction VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker  

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is the ideal toy for your infant that not only makes them play but seemingly help them learns to walk.

This is although a tiny baby walker but loaded with full of entertainment at the same time it’s a necessary tool which can physically develop your child also develop skills and mind.

The Walker is versatile, full of colors, activities, and toys which surely will catch your baby’s eyes.

This VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker has a playing panel which includes shape sorters, piano keys, and various lights up buttons that configured especially to develop motor skills in babies.

Introduction VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker  

The baby walker is extremely easy to assemble although it has various parts with the help of manual you can easily set up walker well.

This learning baby walker by VTech has featured more than 70 sing-along songs as well as sound effects which entertain a child all day long.

The VTech sit-to-stand learning walker is made for right away react to what children do naturally. The baby walker has a lot more entertaining features subsequently playing with it will be more fun and pleasing.

The best and smart baby walker include appropriate- due to its age- apt toys, lights, walking features, sounds, songs etc

Highlights Of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Babies from the age 9months to 3 years can use this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, babies who can take first steps should use this walker to learn walking while enjoying and having all the fun with toys, activities, music, lights and much more in this walker, the baby walker’s fun activity part is detachable for easy floor playing and contains multiple interactive games and sounds to keep the baby engaged.

This baby walker by VTech will, in turn, help the child grow happier and healthier by learning animals, shapes, colors, music and much more.

The VTech baby walker is very light in weight with just 5 pounds to provide babies with the easiest way to walk. The ideal babies’ walker is accurately 16.5 inches in length while the width of the walker is around14.2 inches and 18.1 inches in height.

·  Durable

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is exceptionally durable to last longer and entertain babies for the long time frame. The frame of the walker is manufactured from solid plastic as well as the walker remains sturdy enough when kids bang it even harder.

·  Removable Play Panel

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech has a removable panel which carried all sorts of activities and toys for infants to enjoy.

The removable panel is the most versatile part of the walker which allows sitters and crawlers to enjoy the learning as well as entertainment aspects of this walker.

The play panel can remove off or put on easily for floor playing. However, the walker can as well work fine without play panel and it can be used as walking walker. the handle is also fixed with the play panel so baby or parent can easily carry it around.

·  Two Modes and Volume Control

This VTech sit-to-stand learning walker is designed to have the maximum amount of activities in a toy.

The baby walker has two modes of play, music, and learning. With these, both modes your younger star will enjoy too much. Both modes of play on the play panel are basically encouraging brain development.

Kids can insert the shape sorters as well as press the 3 shape buttons in the learning mode. In this way, babies learn sizes and shape that in result helps in developing the motor skills in kids.

However, within music mode baby can press the six piano keys which are brilliantly colored to listen to music. At the time when melody plays the baby can press the piano keys whereas the fun animal sounds will provide extra fun in playing the melody.

This is not all; the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker has a volume control which is extremely useful.

·  70 Sing-Along Songs

The highlighted feature of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is more than 70 sing-along songs which kids enjoy the most.

These so many songs can be played while the baby is pushing a walker or crawling on the floor or sitting up somewhere.  Such sounds are fitted to play each time when the walker is being pushed by babies.

  • Very much affordable pricing
  • The walk-behind walker is durable as it is made up of hard plastic material
  • It provides endless fun for hours
  • It is truly educational and engaging for the child
  • It has a beautiful and colorful design, the walker is versatile with numbers of toys, sound, and music
  • Comes with two color variation
  • It is easy to assemble without any tool
  • Also, it is easy to arrange
  • It looks stunning with both design and color as well as suitable for a baby girl and baby boy both
  • Its wheel has two settings to work as speed reducer or break
  • Wheels of the walker are sturdy enough and work both on hard and carpeted floors
  • It features a removable play panel which develops fine motor skills
  • It also features an early learning center with 5 piano keys which play music and encourage creativity
  • It features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons, 3 shape sorters which develop motor skills
  • The walker also has pretended telephone handset, as well as mechanical elements, increase role-play fun
  • It also has over 70 sing-along songs, music, fun phrases; and sound effects specially fitted for babies
  • It is perfect and best suitable for kids from age ranges from9 months to 3 years old
  • It has several parts to join together to assemble walker


The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is the best and most desirable walk-behind walker in the market. The walker has amazing five rated stars which mentioned its popularity and desirability.

The walker can be a great development in rising up a child. In addition, it’s activity panel is a great addition to help in increasing creativity and developing motor skills.

This sit-stand Walker by Vtech will surely be one of the best investments for you to make for babies with lots of benefits, the Vtech site and stand walker is designed for creating the baby steps more enjoyable, comfortable and full of learning for kids. additionally, the makers ensure about the premium grade quality and features, therefore, parents can trust its performance.

This baby walker with various types of toy, activities will be the great partner for your child while having all the fun; it is more like a companion which encourages them to walk as long as they want.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker offers the best quality baby walker in the best price.




VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive, Pink

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive, Pink

Introduction To VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive, PinkVTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive, Pink

In the start, the baby needs a baby walker to provide support during learning to walk. Baby walkers are the prior need of all infants when they are ready to start walking for the very first time.

Likewise, it is also crucial to ensure the safe and secure movement of your baby.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is simple yet versatile and amazing walker can help you in the same manner.

This walker has the specialty to help baby walk naturally, as well as this baby walker,  provide fun and entertainment to inspire babies to learn walking instantaneously.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive

This Vtech sit-to-stand learning walker is an ultimate fun and pure attraction with various vibrant colors to start walking naturally. With this walker, the baby will learn walking without any pressure while playing.

The V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker will be definitely a great gift for any infant or parents.  This walker is best suitable for young kids with the age ranges from 9 months to three years, and for all those children who are not yet walking will get the most use to it.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is itself a fantastic toy, its play panel also offer an opportunity for kids to learn basic sounds, shapes, and colors as well as the Walker helping infants learn to stand first and eventually walk after.

Highlights Of VTech Learning Walker
Our today’s baby walker is one of the most visually pleasing and durable learning Walkers you will ever get; this VTech Learning Walker is available in a multi-hued variety which contains all of the primary colors and entertainment features, this baby walker also comes in a version which is primarily bright blue, while other editions which are mainly pink and lavender with bright pastel accents are highly preferred for the baby girl.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker pink certainly does the best job when it comes to catching the attention of babies. All its features keep the babies pleasingly engaged for a long time as well as the activities support the improvement of motor skills in babies.

Let’s check out some highlighted features of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Amazon Exclusive, Pink, mentioned beneath:

Durable construction

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is manufactured by award-winning electronic toy manufacturing company. The Vtech baby walker is the renowned brand for producing high-quality, cutting-edge toys which are educational and made to last longer.

The Sit to Stand Walker by VTech is a prime example of such mesmerizing qualities.

Manufacturers have an idea that kids can be rough with their toys, therefore, they prior the durability of the walker. The Walker is likely to be often used; so the walker is durable enough as it will hold up well and you will be able to pass it to a younger sibling in the future as well.

Versatile sit-to-stand walker

The V-Tech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker can be used fully assembled when the baby sit on the seat while it can be used detached.

In case the baby does not want to use a walker then the detachable activity or play panel can be used as floor play.

Also, without play panel baby can use this walk-behind walker’s frame with legs. Therefore it is not wrong to say that this walker is super versatile.

Also, you can remove the legs of the walker and keep panel flat on the floor, in this manner, it will be the picture-perfect interactive toy for a younger baby.  But when the baby gets able to stand, the legs of the Walker can be easily attached.

Motor Skills Developing elements

 This VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker has fitted with two colorful spinning rollers, three light-up buttons and 3 shape sorters as these activities will predictably develop the motor skills of babies.

It is essential to mention that removal play toys or activities help them to become stronger while encourage them to walk. With all such toys, lights, sounds, and music infants will get inspiration to walk naturally.

The Complete Dose Of Entertainment

 The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a complete lack of development, education, and fun and entertainment gadget. The baby walker installed with more than 70 sing-along songs, with this music they will get sound effects and fun phrases as well. The telephone handset fitted in this baby walker also makes babies happier.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Premium construction
  • Sturdy and long-lasting baby product
  • It features a removable or detachable play panel which develops baby’s motor skill
  • It also features adjustable speed control on wheels
  • The walker has 2 player mode, learning, and music
  • The walker’s early learning center has 5 piano keys which play music and encourage creativity
  • The baby walker fitted with durable and smooth wheels work on carpeted and hard floors well
  • The baby walker is foldable to offer easy storage and it can be taken on traveling
  • Long lasting yet extremely lightweight baby walk-behind walker
  • Baby walker features 2 colorful spinning rollers as a learning toy, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons which subsequently develop motor skills
  • The sit to stand walker has more than 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases;
  • This walker is made for babies from the age of 9 months to 3 years
  • For entertainment purpose, the walker also has pretended telephone handset along with mechanical elements heighten role-play fun for kids
  • The 2 AA batteries are included to play music, lights, and sounds
  • Wheels stuck on carpets


The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is highly recommended as it features a lot of entertainment and fun features along with education and development.

The walker has enough bells and whistles to keep your babies engaged and entertained throughout.

The Walker by Vtech intended to provide education, fun, and entertainment while the baby learning to walk, this tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker helps parents to save their money as it is durable and budget-friendly and a good option to add in your baby’s toy collection.

The walker is savvy and also features so many fun and education factors which always keep kids involved as well as develop motor skills.

Learn to walk with entertainment is the motive behind the manufacturing of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This is the walker encourage the child to walk together with it is a great teacher that develop their skills and help them develop physically.



Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

 Introduction to Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, DottieSafety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

The safety 1st considered that parents have lots of worries but very little of joyful moments which are not good.

Therefore they made the top-rated baby walker which is safer and more comfortable than other baby walkers in the market.

The walker knew one of the best baby walkers among all walkers in the competition,

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker offers peace of mind, therefore, parents can spend more time enjoying and very few time worrying with every first experience with their kids.

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker

The Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie is the perfect easy walking exercise for babies. The safety walker comes with a variety of entertaining features such as lights, sounds, and developmental activities.

The featuring height-positions of the baby walker can be adjusted while the base area is bigger to help baby stay in an upright position during walking.

The best baby walker Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker is very light in weight as well as it is very easier to assemble without using any tool. The walker can hold over 30 pounds weight.

There are parents who are genuinely concerned about the better development of babies, should choose Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie.

Infants will have all the fun and entertainment while learning to walk.

 Quick features of Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

  • The adjustable height settings of the baby walker have made the product user-friendly for all. As babies commonly vary from height, weight, and size so you can easily position the system in three different ways, although it is very helpful for mounting the motor skills in the kid.
  • The walker also has enough space in the base part permits kids to use walker comfortably also can stretched legs
  • Moreover, the option of fun and entertainment with 12 different sounds or songs is another delightful feature
  • It has fitted attached tray to store foods or added toys for kids
  • The baby walker has a foldable frame that makes it compact enough for travel and storage
Highlights of Safety 1st Walker
The best Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie is made specifically for all such parents who are concerned about the comfortable and safe walker, the baby walker is a most reliable model made by most reputed brands to provide all features along with physical development, yes, the Safety 1st Baby walker is a unique model which configured best ever features promotes entertainment, fun, walking as well as the physical and mental development of kids.

Specification of Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie

The baby walker is manufactured from durable material also the design is seemingly beautiful and attractive.

However, the walker’s bigger base makes it most stable, while the walker has 12 songs or melodies for entertainment and delight for kids. Additionally, there are three toys with different development activities to stimulate kid’s mental capabilities.

The Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie has padded seat with more comfort and safety while the seat is machine washed to offer easy maintenance.

Moreover, the baby walker has three height-position adjustment settings to offer multiple height fittings.  Baby walker is extremely convenient as it is the best portable model, the safety 1st walker is one of the best certified and tested product for growing babies, as it is easier to assemble without any tool and can be used right away.

The walker works well with all kids who are learning to walk, as it helps babies to learn walking.

This unit also uses for developing several body parts as well as it can hold weight up to 30 pounds. Babies can get engaged in their playtime, stretching their legs while learning to walk.

  • Very cost effective
  • Durable, safe and smart construction
  • It features module with 12 charming songs along with flashing lights
  • Also featuring 3 toys that encourage and carried multiple developmental activities
  • It is designed well with a unique wide base for ultimate stability
  • It has 3 different heights settings button which provides the right support when the child grows older and simplest to adjust
  • Its padded seat is machine-washable for easier cleaning
  • It is also featuring crevice-free and easy wipe activity tray
  • It has durable wheels to run well on all surfaces and carpet as well
  • It is also tested to ensure every single height best suits the height, size and offer the best support to growing baby
  • It has grip strips support to lessen movement on bumpy surfaces
  • It has foldable structure therefore compact enough for travel and storage
  • Easy to assemble with tools
  • It offers maximum weight capacity of around 30 pounds
  • Made in USA walker
  • The walker is JPMA certified
  • The walker’s push button for height adjusting setting is not very user-friendly
  • It offers little much price which is not budget friendly for people


The Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie is great capable and best rated to make the first step of your baby easier. Babies can learn to stretch legs during enjoyment with light, sounds and development activity featuring toys.

However, its three height adjustment settings provide parent to create right height for baby as well as help him to encourage the first step while developing motor skills.

The makers designed the walker in such a manner to support kid with an extra-wide base which allows babies to stay upright, the Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Dottie is a feature-rich child walker that delivers 12 different and mesmerizing songs intended to please and delight as well as stimulates visual and auditory senses of babies.

The walker is not an ordinary baby walker but it also features multiple development activities to boost a baby’s mental development.

The lightweight baby walker features ease of use, easy to maintain and wash and easy folding settings to offer ultimate ease for new and working parents. Walker is the excellent option for kids to get ready to walk and development while its price range is a bit challenging for parents.




Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi, Purple

Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi, Purple

Introduction to Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi, PurpleSafety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi, Purple

If you want your child to enjoy its first step then Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi, Purple is the best and safest option you have.

The manufacturers of the safety 1sr baby walker considered each and every aesthetic to make this walker extremely durable, comfortable, safe and entertaining for all with the weight range of 26 lbs.

The baby walker manufactured under the highest standards to deliver long-lasting and secure performance throughout, the product is made in the USA.

This Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, Hi-Fi featured bright colors and a tray attached to various toys which are also good for child development.

Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker

The walker is very well designed to enhance confidence and also help babies in learning. This walker has beautiful external structure, color schemes, and toys which motivate and encourage your kid to start walking right out of the box.

Also, assembling a Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Purple Walker is very easy and it does not require any tool.

To choose a right baby walker from the biggest range of choices available in the market is definitely a daunting task. But Safety 1st Ready Set Walker made it easier for you, parents should buy the walker from some reliable and trustworthy sources to get the only best product.

Highlights of Safety 1st Ready Walker
Are you looking for a comfy and safe baby walker with the seat? Then the Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker is the best critic choice for this, the company of the walker ensures to bring all the best features together which are needed to make the best walker in the competition, the baby walker Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker guarantees parents that their kids are comfortable and safe when they are learning to walk.

The walker from Safety 1st baby walkers collection is manufactured from all safe materials to promote cutting-edge and 100% safety of your baby.

Additionally, the maker has also followed all the necessary tests, certifications and approvals which has made baby walker safe to use.

Let’s check out some highlighted specifics of Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker, mentioned below:

  • Height adjustment settings

TheSafety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker is featuring three different height adjustment settings provides parents to tune into perfect height and also help kids to learn faster with several other development motor skills.

  • Toys with different development activities

Three toys with different growing activities is another best highlight and feature ofSafety 1st Developmental Walker.

Toys not just offer the kid a thorough fun and entertainment but these also make kids learn some effective development skills.

Babies will get amuse, please and mesmerize with the toys but also this delightful fun motivate auditory and visual senses of kids.

  • Comfortable and safe with varied choices of melodies

The Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker has configured comfort and safety on the priority, therefore, it has padded seat with a back that provides complete comfort to your baby.

Also, the padded seat’s cushion is easy to take out and washable in machine. The walker comes with 12 different melodies as well as flashing light that is a prompt attraction for kids.

  • Activity tray

The safety 1st walker also features activity trays which swing to the sides of the walker to reveal off the large tray. The walker’s large tray can be productively used to keep kid’s favorite toys or on snack time.

  • Very Inexpensive
  • Walker is safe, comfortable and durable
  • It helps baby to take first steps of learning walking while developing fine motor skills
  • It can be used when baby can easily sit without any help
  • It supports infants up to 26 lbs
  • Features 3-position seat adjusting settings
  • It provides three toys with multiple development activities
  • Compact enough for easy transport and storage
  • It configured durable wheels works well on floors and even on carpet
  • It also features 12 charming songs and flashing light
  • Its unique wide base designed for superior stability
  • It has machine-washable seat pads
  • It is easier to assemble without using any tool
  • It also features grip strips help to decrease movement on uneven surfaces
  • It carried crevice-free, easy wipe activity tray
  • The manufacturers offer one year warranty
  • This walker is made in the USA
  • Limited featuring of toys
  • With the walker, the baby should under the parental supervision to avoid any incident


The Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker is the perfect option to giveaway gift to all new parents that offer the most reasonable price.

If you are the one searching for safe, multi-purpose and sturdy walker then do not hesitate to consider Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker for your baby.

This walker is an incredibly best start that you can provide your baby when the baby is willing to take its first step.

This Safety 1st Ready Set Walk 2.0 Developmental Walker has exclusively designed by manufacturers in a manner that it can offer multi-purpose settings like toy or activity and walker.

This walker has contained various toys which not only makes walker highly interactive and attractive but all such toys provide multiple development activities, the walker makes your baby learn walking while the development activity featured toys develop baby’s mental capabilities.

This best rated, safe and comfortable walker also supplemented 12 different module melodies or song along with flashlight that highly encourages baby to walk and play more.

With music and activities, the babies will stay engaged throughout and thus parents will get some time to sit and relax.

This walker is among the top best baby walker which offer various multi-purpose features although it is easier to maintain as it has machine-washed seats.


Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker by Bright stars

Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker by Bright stars

Introduction to Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

Younger babies are little adventurous fellows, they are always curious to reach out of the deeds they have never done or tried before.

In short, they are the most curious creators in the world, its funny but it is fact.

Babies are initially very curious to come up with the adventure of learning how to walk just after they hold their head independently.

In this case, they need a safe and good learning technique which not protect them but provide them with all independence to explore walking adventure.

The Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker is one of the top best techniques enable babies to safely learn walking also provide them complete independence and fun to be in contact for a long time.

Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker 

There are some babies who are fearful to walk without any support, whereas some took longer to learn walking due to weight, for all these kids Walk-A-Bout Walker is the best safest mechanism to make them learn walking.

Additionally, various premium features of Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker make it a wonderful choice for all babies.

Highlights of Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker 

The Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker is very well designed and adorned with bright color combinations, lights, lots of toys and loops for extra toys.

Besides, the walker has configured with the steering wheel, comfortable seat, secure seat back and height adjusting levels to provide ease and comfort to your precious little ones.

Roaming Safari
The music and sound features of Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker are greatly offering excessive entertainment while playing, this is the exclusive walker by bright stars baby walkers which designed the whole walker on the basic safari theme as babies enjoy jungle theme so the walker has the full package of the jungle.

Even the design pattern and colors are manufactured according to the roaming safari theme at the same it provides car impression.

The steering wheel at the toys station which allows moving left and right as well as there is horn fitted to play sound. It looks like a walker but the provides an impression of a well-equipped kid’s car.

The walker is easier to store and clean, therefore it is the perfect choice for all parent need a high-quality walker which can be used outside as well.

Features of Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker 

  • Solid, safe and durable construction

Walker by bright starts is made especially for growing kids so your kids can enjoy riding on a walker for a long time. After few months newborn start giggle and want to crawl naturally as they grow faster, therefore, they need a secure and safer tool to help them explore everything.

The Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker has a durable, foldable and adjustable body and it can easily bump into all wall types and furniture too although the walker by bright stars is also space saving.

The Walk-A-Bout Walker is the perfect walker which provide stronger and safer base as well as it secures every moment of babies on the walker.

  • Comfortable seat and seat back

This baby walk-a-bout walker from the bright starts has a comfortable, soft and easily removable seat with seat pads to secure babies and help them balance their weight.

Similarly, the higher seat back offers not just proper support but comfort as well as the kids, as well as provide assistance in seating or standing for a long time. Besides, the seat back provides enough support to the spine so that babies can easily stand straight.

  •  Removable toy station

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is featuring some multi-featured options which also enhance the playing experience of kids. This Walk-A-Bout Walker features a toy station, which is detachable from the tray.

The switch on the station enables parents to remove or add the toy station from the tray safely.

Toy station provides ultimate fun and entertainment to your kids as it includes steering, toys, lights, sound, and music.

  • Sure Safety & height adjustable

The Bright Starts is the responsible manufacturer that always pays prior attention to the security features including comfort and entertainment features for precious babies alike.

The walk-a-bout walker has, therefore, rubber feet which work as a break for a baby walker. At the time when a kid gets closer to uneven surfaces such as balcony and stars, the feet stopped the baby walker immediately.

With this security feature, the rubber feet never leave marks on the floors not even on wooden floors, so parents can also enjoy marks free walker in the house.


  • Affordable pricing
  • It has removable electronic toys along with sound, lights, and melodies
  • It manufactured from steel, PP, POM, ABS, Polyester, TPR, etc. materials
  • It also offers2 link loops for more toy attachment or goody charms
  • Easier to clean and keep a child free from stain
  • It features a comfortable and soft seat with a high seat back which overall provides additional comfort and support
  • Also has 3 different height adjusting levels for growing kids
  • It also features easy folding for travel or storage
  • It has the feature of volume control for desired sound settings
  • For sound, light and playing melodies, this walker requires 3 AA batteries
  • Walker is not good to roll on rugs or heavy carpets
  • Two link loops are harder and edge so that these can be harmful to kids or these may hurt kids


If you have a kid who holds its head without help or he/she start crawling, then Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker is the best toy which is as well healthy and also entertains several benefits.

This walker has got exceptionally attractive and very well designed for kids to enjoy their lessons of learning walking for the first time without fear or harm.

This walker is uniquely designed to attract kids over it, when you first get walker off the box your little girl or boy surely wants to be close to it, the walker crafted well and the best color combination of turquoise and yellow will surely attract kids.

Its whole station of toys and entertainment stuff provide enough space to keep your kid’s favorite toys over there to increase their interest. This walker is safe, comfortable and full of entertainment features to maintain kid’s interest.

This Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker is the great option to learn your kid walking and offer other health benefits for its safety, entertainment, and ease of use features.


Review: Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop Cook Walker

Introduction to Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker

One of biggest task for all parents is to find a perfect companion for their babies in their initial months or years which not only help them grow better but also keep them busy for longer.

At the same time safety and durability are the core factors of the needed companion or toy, as babies are the precious most or assets for their parents, isn’t friends?

Lots of parents around desperately searching for the toy or companion which is multi-functional, long-lasting, safe and carry complete entertainment based activities.

Therefore, we brought a perfect product which has varieties of features and all factors, which commonly parents are looking for.

Review: Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop Cook Walker

The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker is the ultra-modern and high-end companion which offer safe learning and unlimited fun to your child through its stages of the floor playing to walking.

Unlike other ordinary baby walkers, this giggling gourmet walker is fun-filled and also provides plenty of activities for babies.

According to customer reviews, Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker is one of the best choices for infants of various ages.

It carries the most attractive design as well as configured bright colors’ lights, bright colors combinations,

Best and variety of sounds as well as melodies to provide infinite fun along with all the activities your baby generally require.

Bright starts have exclusively designed the product to assist babies transit from strolling to walking and deliver high performance while making it complete fun for babies all the way.

Parents from anywhere can undoubtedly introduce the product to your baby’s life and witness the fun Joy and happiness which comes along.

In total both the parents and kids are truly satisfied with the product and simply fall in love with. Several parents have also suggested and given away the walker to their beloved friends or families.

The durability of Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker ensures that it can be used by generations.

Highlights of Bright Starts Walker
The sure combination of learning, entertainment and fun are limitless with the Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker, this is definitely the grow-with-me activity or 4-in-1 toy provides hours of fun playtime along shopping cart toy, this 4-in-1 walker is surely a gem from Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Collection which entertains along 4 play and learning stages.

This smart and high-quality 4-in-1 giggling gourmet walker features removable cooktop to sit and play while the cart legs lock in the same place, therefore, a cooktop becomes stationary activity tray or table.

Additionally when the baby begins with stroll the sturdy enough and wide legs are best to learn walking along with the popcorn bags when baby pushes the cart along.

Even when the baby grows older simply remove the cooktop to create a shopping cart which babies can load up same as the grocery carts at the store.

The cooktop of the 4-in-1 giggling gourmet walker provides lots of developmental activities which include cooking sounds or sizzling sound and sound of popcorn that pops.

Features of Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker

  • Durable Construction

Durability is the core feature of all bright starts’ productions, seemingly Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker is manufactured from high-quality plastic and it can easily withstand all the stirring and turn by the child. Also, it is overall easier to maintain and clean. This walker is best to use a push walker.

  •  4 in 1 Activity

All the activities and games with Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker help in kid’s development at its best as well as offer them unlimited learning and fun opportunities.

This Bright Star baby walkers from giggling gourmet collection include these mentioned four activities:

  • An activity table for fun play while standing
  • Also, feature detachable cooktop for a child to transfer and then sit and play
  • It can be used as a kid’s shopping cart by removing the cooktop, which is easy to remove
  • Walker or pushing walker, it provides pushing support to a child while walking 

Learning Opportunities& Endless fun

A wide variety of learning opportunity is the highlighted feature of the walker; they can learn the effect and cause concept every time when they push a button to make popcorn pops.

While pushing the walker all around the house, babies will learn walking in a healthier way. Besides, the buttons of the walker are bulky and big to put up limited motor skills of a kid.

However, the pushbutton with Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker made to generate sizzling cooking sounds along with it pop up the sandwich and popcorn as well.

Moreover, the egg roller and shape sorter is also the activities which surely keep a child busy for longer.


  • Very inexpensive pricing
  • 4-in-1 grow with me toy for babies
  • It features sit and play option, lots of activities for the kid, easily converting into the shopping cart and complete entertaining walker for babies
  • It is very durable as it made from sturdy plastic
  • Easier to assemble
  • Offers hours of endless fun and entertainment for kids
  • It can be used although kid transfer from floor play to walking
  • A pure fun activity which promotes better growth, education, and learning walking
  • Wheels do not roll accurately on the wood surface although its really not a drawback
  • The cooktop is not attached well, it comes off easily because it is attached to a small magnet


The Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker is among the myriad best rated and cutting-edge production of Bright Starts.

The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker is super famous among parents so they have rated highest and various reviews for the product.

Moreover, the babies instantly fall in love with giggling gourmet shop’ n cook walker and even they do not want to leave it on bedtime.

The activities, fun, and walker Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker is the best combo of mesmerizing features which not only provide entertainment but also offer lasting learning, education, and fun for babies.

Various parents love the fact that this giggling gourmet cook walker can be used for a longer time span even when baby grows older and become a toddler.

The durability and great affordable pricing are the best features of Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker which attract most parents.




Review: Baby Walker Einstein Activity Jumper Special 2019

Introduction to Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood FriendsBaby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

 Parents who are searching for a toy which is not only safe but also offer fun, these parents are rarely considering jumpers for their little ones as a solution.

Jumpers provide ultimate fun and entertainment to babies in case parents can end up the wrong jumper so anything wrong can happen which are not safe for babies.

Therefore it is crucial to consider full of entertainment but the safer jumper,

for your little one and that is why we provide a review of best rated Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends.

Baby Walker Einstein Activity Jumper Special 2018

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Neighborhood Friends is one of the important and desirable baby jumpers available in the market right away.

The Baby Einstein Neighborhood friends’ activity jumper is designed specifically to offer babies with hours of learning and enjoyment.

It features 12 plus activities for your kids, as well as this jumper, has configured a variety of entertaining activity stations to keep your child busy and occupied.

However, this special edition of Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Neighborhood Friends features with 5 height adjustments so the jumper grows with babies consequently you will certainly be able to get most of it.

Highlights of Baby Einstein Special Edition
The best and the top highlight of the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends is, it is extremely cost effective which also help patents to save their money, Whereas, another crucial highlight of Baby Einstein Jumper is it a premium grade and beautiful construction which ultimately attract kids towards.

To know more about this Bright Star’s jumper lets dig into some specifics of this jumper and why it is the best ever jumper for your baby.

  • 360-degree seat rotation system

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends is featuring comfortable seat with 360-degree rotation system to allow kids to access toy around.

In this way, the baby will have more easy access to fun and entertainment through toys all around. Besides, kids can enjoy a fun time with all of the included toys or activities present around it.

Meanwhile, parents can focus better on their personal or professional work while the baby is completely busy to learn and enjoy.

  • Multiple Play Mode

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper is quite irrelevant to other baby jumpers as it comes with multiple play mode system.

Unlike other baby activity centers, this baby Einstein activity jumper has featured digital piano toys which activate or starts the light system.

Moreover, these baby Einstein activity jumpers have incredible melodies, language discovery option or activity, and practical piano notes.

Kids are highly reactive to music or any sound, therefore, these pleasant music and melodies make your kid pay attention typically when they are involved to play using various variety of toys.

  • Height adjustable facilities

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Neighborhood Friends configured added crucial feature that is height adjustable option.

This is the best baby jumper which grows with your little ones because with five height adjusting settings you can continue to use this jumper for longer. Parents can easily adjust the heights of the baby jumper according to infant height.

  • Varieties of fun activities

 Kids are all same and they look prettier when they are happy and have a big smile on the face, isn’t friends?

Parents of all around the world want their babies to be happier all the time, this what Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends does, this baby jumper offers a wide range of entertaining options that range from neighborhood-themed activities to several toys and melodies.

All such fun activities, toys, and sounds keep your babies carefully nourished and entertained all day long. On the other hand, this jumper also features extra link loops so parents can add favorite toys of babies or exchange new playful friends to ensure 100 percent entertainment.

  • A wide range of toys

This Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Neighborhood Friends has included varieties of toys to ensure ultimate fun and entertainment of kids.

Some of the beautiful but better learning toys include on three play stations are spinning frog bead chaser which supports hand-eye coordination of kids, spinning bird, sun stalk, mirror and rattle drum with beads.

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality features, construction, and performance
  • An award-winning standing jumper
  • It featured safe support seat along with padding and height adjustments to provide ultimate comfort for the kid
  • Featuring a comfortable seat along with 360-degree rotation system to enable baby complete access to toys around
  • It configured five height settings for growing babies
  • It has a Machine-washable seat pad
  • It folds easily for compact and easy storage as well as transportation
  • It features multiple play mode
  • Features five position-height adjustable facilities
  • A lot of toys for your baby to explore fun with all safety
  • It also includes various fun activities
  • Little tricky to assemble along
  • Also slightly tough to remove and wash seat


As the fact matters, a great mind starts little, therefore the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends designed to cultivate and mesmerize the curiosity of babies.

With this activity jumper, your baby can learn upright standing, every time when they bounce chair your little one will jump and dance that seemingly helps strengthen and develop their leg muscles.

Baby will have extreme fun and delight while jumping while exploring the neighborhood with the top rated Baby Einstein friends.

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Neighborhood Friends has featured 12+ fun activities which surround babies as well as encourage 360 degrees of fun along with multi-sensory experiences.

With the baby Einstein activity jumper, your little one will not only develop leg muscles but provide mind developing activities and fun-full play along with a wide variety of toys and music.

More than 60,000 parents voted for Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition,

Neighborhood Friends so this highest rated jumper have won the award by American Baby Magazine’s Top Picks 2015. It is definitely the best jumper ever which really worth your investment.

Best Kids & Koalas Fold able Baby Walker (Black) Review 2019

Introduction to Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby WalkerKids&Koalas Foldable Baby Walker

All you new parents out there, your little one needs a help to learn walking when the baby will be able to hold its head without any help.

Baby walkers can be a great assistance to encourage and learn to walk.

As compared to a traditional baby walker, modernized baby walkers are more effective, efficient and safe to entertain and learn them walking.

To select right baby walker for your infant here we come up with a best, ideal and affordable walker which also carried activities, lights, music, and toys to encourage babies to learn to walk.

Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker (Balck)

Kids&Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is a simple but versatile baby walker to consider, especially if you are living in a small house or flat thus you will need a space-saver walker.

This baby walker configured a simple but stylish design and sleek look with a beautiful combination of vibrant colors.

The baby walker also features impressive eight wheels with a rubber on surrounding which enables baby to traverse freely in any direction they want.

the kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is very easy to assemble as well as it folds flat for easy storage.

The baby walker has 6 position height adjustability setting features, this feature enables parents to adjust the height according to their babies.

Another feature we like is the height adjustability. The walker s best compatible great fit babies between the height range of 27.7 and 33.8 inches.

Highlights of Kids&Koalas Baby Walker

The Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is gorgeous and comfortable as well. The baby walker is intended for both baby boys and baby girls.

This baby walker is manufactured under strict quality rules to deliver ultimate and real high-quality baby product. Similarly, the manufacturers have been tested carefully checked for every detail of the product.

Each and every tested detail reflects the highest product quality. This baby product is really valued for money as it fitted with all safety and security features as well as fun and entertainment for babies.

  • Durable construction

The Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is made from highest durable material to last longer and cater fun, entertainment and education to babies.

The baby walker’s frame is made up of chrome plated alloy to be more firm and safe as well as bear up to 30 kg weight.

However, the play panel is made from PP without any harmful material while ABS material is used to made chassis to make walker more stable.

Its TPR rubber wheels are quiet, flexible, and wearable becomes the anti-scratch even on the wooden floor. The walker’s seat cushion is comfortable and soft to safe infant’s skin from rashes, as well as PU cushion is easy to clean.

  • Versatile design

The Kids & Koalas Baby Walker is a versatile baby product which is designed to accommodate the requirements of a growing baby.

The baby walker also features with a big tray of toys or snacks although the extra-wide base beneath the Walker offers superior stability.

In addition, the eight, multi-directional wheels can easily rotate all around and assist baby to move in all directions with ease.

  • Comfortable and ease of use

the kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is made to deliver high-end comfort and ultimate ease of use. High seat back support is provided in the walker together with a cushioned padding.

Moreover, seat and padding both are very easy to maintain or clean by using a simple damp cloth.

  • Very cost effective
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Solid and durable
  • The simple but sleek design is attractive
  • It offers free installation as well as folds flat for storage
  • The walker also features 6 position height adjustable settings to adjust walker according to kid’s height
  • The walker has a big surround tray for snacks or extra toys
  • It features high seat back for added comfort and support
  • The walker has an extra wide base for greater stability and multi-directional wheels, also wheels remain smooth and silent
  • It has 8 solid and durable swiveling wheels which move in all direction smoothly
  • The walker features best learning toys which provide education and fun along
  • The walker is easy to maintain or clean as the seat cushion is removable as well as walker frame is easy to wipe clean
  • Limited toys to attract babies
  • Swivel wheels might not be a good choice as long as safety is concerned


Are you searching for a baby walker that entertain the baby along with safe and secure learning to walk? Then Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is one of the best choices.

If you have not any budget problem and want safe baby walkers then you searching end with Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker.

This activity baby walker keeps your infant engages although its featured toys and activities encourage baby to learn walking. The baby walker is very cost effective and also it is an ideal baby walker to give it a one-time investment.

The walker has configured all such features which provide entertainment, education, and fun while learning to walk.

This baby walker is considered the simplified toy featuring eight swiveling wheels which smoothly rotates in all directions. The Kids & Koalas Foldable Baby Walker is surely the great addition to your kid’s toy collection.


Fisher-price Baby Toddler Zebra Walker Toy Best for Budget

Introduction to Fisher-price Learn with Me Childs Toy Push Ride on Baby Toddler Zebra Walker Toy

Fisher-price Learn with Me Childs Toy Push Zebra Walker is the great example of a product which is more than a traditional baby walker.

Therefore if you select Fisher-Price Learn with me push Zebra Walker, you can expect to benefit your babies learn their first word, motor skills as well as make their first steps.

Unlike other baby push walkers, Fisher-price Learn with Me Pushes Zebra Walker is an ideal device and only one of its kind,

which allows them to spin, roll and as well as able to do other things without leaving their seats.

Fisher-price Baby Toddler Zebra Walker

This Fisher price Learn with Me Push Zebra Walker configured with incredible and cutting-edge hands-on activities for babies.

Not just all but with this baby push walker, kids can also sing some great baby songs and turn the lights on. This walker allows babies to stand and walk to make their steady first steps.

In addition, this product is made in a manner which encourages kids to walk independently.

This Fisher-price Learn with Me Push Zebra Walker is designed for babies aged from 6 months to 3 years.

This baby walker features two ways to play which comprise of the stand and walk & sit and play.

This Fisher-price Learn with Me Push Zebra Walker has beautiful design introducing incredible zebra theme to attract babies.

However, the beautiful color combination is incredibly mesmerizing although the four wheels of the walker have different but vibrant colors to make walker more interesting and attractive.

The walker does not come pre-assembled, it requires assembling but it will hardly take a couple of minutes to fully assemble. This walker has robust four wheelbases which offer good safety for your child.

Highlights Of Fisher-price Learn Baby Toddler
The zebra themed walker by Fisher-price is the most unique push walkers for babies as it features a sing-along song which teaches them basic letters and numbers together with help them to walk, this baby push walker is designed to provide balance and coordination along with stability.

The baby walker features 2 modes of play and a lot of finger activities as well. This push baby walker will surely help babies develop their motor skills.

Along with all activities, sounds, music and learning this push walker will prove to be a good friend to your child.

The Fisher price baby walker not only encourage baby to walk with its hands-on activities, fun music, and phrases but also engage kids for hours.

  • Durable and most attractive design

The Fisher-price Learn with Me Push Zebra Walker has a mesmerizing technical side which all depict that this baby push walker has an easy-grasp the practical handle, comfortable seat, as well as four-wheel base altogether offer mobility and stability.

This push baby walker’s design is very cute and made exclusively to encourage and attract walking-age children to interrelate with the various hands-on toys together with the front.

  • Easy-grip Handle

The handle of the walker is made in a way to provide ease of grasp for little fingers. So babies can easily grip the handle and walk along the walker.

This push walker also features four widely set wheels to provide stability by means of they push the toy along.

The wheels are made in a manner, not to produce resistance so this toy is highly recommended for kids who are well stable.

  • Fun & Education

Its songs and lights teach basic numbers and letters, also provide hand-eye coordination with rattling and spinning parts.

  • Two Modes of Play

This Fisher-price Learn with Me Push Zebra Walker offer sit and play or stand and walk features for babies. All the configured fun activities of this push walker make sure your kid develop motor skills

  • Very affable rates
  • High-quality construction
  • Very durable and long lasting walker
  • It offers two modes of play
  • The walker features sturdy wheels
  • Its handle is easy to grasp and very easy for kids to hold
  • It features a lot of finger activities while sitting and walking both
  • The walker is foldable therefore it provides great portability and storage
  • It also helps baby to steady its first steps
  • The walker has the ball in the center which spin
  • The two modes of play include sit and play
  • The walker features a lot of hands-on activities to explore – plus a book page to turn or light-up buttons to press for sing-along songs & phrases
  • The walker encourages baby to take the first step also inspire them to keep moving with fun phrases, music & songs
  • The walker also teaches ABC’s, 123’s etc.
  • It has lots of busy finger activities help exercise fine motor skills
  • Standing, walking and reaching with walker all get gross motor skills rolling
  • The walker’s bright colors, music, lights, and textures snatch baby’s attention and help develop all-important senses
  • The walker is not well on hardwood floors


Are you searching for a baby push walker that you can take it on your vacations and trips? so you need to choose Fisher-price Learn with Me Childs Toy Push Zebra Walker.

This is the super most desirable walker which is known for its educational and entertaining activities and toys. The walker is designed exclusively on zebra theme, as well as help kids to stand with stability in their first step.

Its durable and versatile design is attractive and eye-catching for all kids, while the sturdy wheels of the walker make it great suitable for all types of floorings and carpets.

This walk-behind walker also features versatile play panel which is detachable to provide floor play for those kids who are not able to take their first step.

The baby push walker is suitable for kids with the age of 9 months and above. The Fisher-price Learn with Me Childs Toy Push Zebra Walker is one of the best push walkers in the industry.

With this baby push, walker child will have the opportunity to have fun during walking and also have the option of sit and play. 

This baby walker is ideal for the all-round development of children, so don’t be late to get your one.





Best Fisher-Price Activity Walker Review -Top Rated

Introduction to Fisher-Price Activity WalkerFisher-Price Activity Walker

Parents are usually more concerned when their baby does not feel like walking, as some babies think it can be a daunting prospect.

For these types of kids, it is crucial for parents to get a toy device which not only supports the baby to walk independently but also able to encourage them to walk.

There are many devices available which help children to walk with modern technology and toys.

One of the prominent products is known as Fisher Price Activity Walker. This activity walker is a comprehensive device helps your child learn to walk much speedier than without.

Best Fisher-Price Activity Walker Review

This beautiful activity walker has made from durable materials as well as makers used amazing color combination to excite and attract kids of all ages.

The Fisher-Price Activity Walker designed to stimulate the senses of a child through bright colors and toys on the walker.

This baby push walker keeps your kid busy, as well as it inspires babies to stand up in order to grasp all the bright colored toys.

The walk-behind walker has featured four wheels which allow child learn to walk, all wheels move ahead when required force is applied in any direction.

In this way, your kid will learn the directional senses as it trains a kid to go after it. Additionally, the play panel on the walker is detachable so babies can also sit and play with the toys, games, and activities present on the play panel.

Highlights Of Fisher-Price Activity Walker

As we all know playtime is essential for children to develop. With the Fisher-Price Activity, Walker babies will have each moment filled with fun and this is a stepping stone to new discoveries, new learning, and new skills.

The fisher price baby walkers have been used for a long time and they proved as the perfect partner for kids, now on the manufacturer being more innovative, thus we have the perfect example in form of Fisher-Price Activity Walker or Fisher Price Beginning Activity Walker.

Being highly innovative production this activity Walker comes with some additional and enhanced features making it safe and ideal for kids. The best ever walk-behind walker available in the market suitable for both baby boy and baby girls.

  • Sturdy Construction

This activity walker results from the highest quality manufacturing thus we got incredible build quality. The Fisher-Price Activity Walker is durable enough as well as it comes at a great affordable price as compared to others in the competition.

The activity walker has sturdy four wheels which are resistance free to offer a smooth ride when kid walk with a walker, also these wheels feature safety.

The Fisher-Price Activity Walker folds effortlessly for storage or travel as well as all the toys in the play panel are incredibly secure.

  • Playing Board

The Fisher-Price Activity Walker can be easily converted to a gaming board from walker and it allows kids to have fun with toys while sitting down.

All those kids who are unable to walk can enjoy playing with toys on the floor, although the gaming board or play panel can easily be attached if baby wants to enjoy while walking.

  • Simply Foldable

The Fisher-Price Activity Walker is versatile in a way that it can be taken on vacations as well.

Some kids are very particular and they always need their favorite toys no matter where they are.

The activity walker has a great feature that it is foldable and folds flat for storage or transportation.

  • Lots of Activities

The Fisher-Price Activity Walker features a lot of activities, games, and toys. Such activities include sliding beads, spinning panels, turning gears, flipping doors, and much more activities. There is a spinning ball in the center of the walker which is enclosed by flipping doors.

  •  Easy Assemble

Unlike another activity walkers which required assembling this Fisher-Price Activity Walker comes pre-assembled and it requires standing up right out of the box.

In this way, parents can save their precious time and thus kids can right away start playing or enjoying with the walker.

  • Great to Develop Motor Skills

This Fisher-Price Activity Walker has amazing and a lot of activities which encourage kids to develop their motor skills at their prime age. Additionally, babies keep on improving their motor skills whereas playing with the toys.


  • Reasonable pricing for ultimate fun & learning
  • Premium grade and durable construction for the price
  • Highest quality activity walker
  • The walker features so many toys that are sure to be loved by kids
  • The activity walker is unbelievably affordable as compared to other same activity walkers
  • It is easy to wipe clean
  • It features hands-on activities for sit and plays fun
  • The activity walker can be used for both walker and gaming board
  • The activity walker has two grow-with-me ways to play
  • It folds flat for sitting babies and easily converts to a sturdy walker for stable first steps
  • The activity walker provide lots offline motor skill building, hands-on activities for kids, which includes a bat-at roller ball, colorful beads to slide and spin, doors to flip, gears to turn and much more
  • Its busy activities include flipping doors, turning gears, sliding beads etc.
  • The activity walker is suitable for babies aged between 8 months and above
  • Parents should supervise their babies when they are walking with the walker


Overall, the Fisher-Price Activity Walker is an ideal choice for an activity walker. Not because the activity walker is quite budget-friendly than other activity walkers, but it is the production of the highly recognized brand which is very well known in the market.

With this activity, walker kids can discover new definitions of education, learning, development. Kids can also use the gaming board on the floor as the play panel is detachable to offer floor play option.

But when they are able to stand alone the walker can be easily converted into a walk-behind walker for support to walk.

This activity walker is definitely worth the money, yet even if your kid only uses it to enjoy with activities and games. This walker not only offers stand-in coordination and balance but also delivers gross motor skills to your child.